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2 Challenges to Success as We Know It

Sooner or later our concept of success will need to change.

The Presidential election process in the United States gives one a lot to think about in defining success. Regardless of our political preference, two of the historical cornerstones often used to define success are quickly receding from the grasp of the majority.

Wealth has been used as a fundamental gauge for success for as long as human beings began creating tools, storing food, trading and beyond. Part of what brought so many people to America was and is the dream of increasing one’s wealth. This video gives eye-opening insight into the diminishing prospects for accumulating wealth in America and the world.

[youtube id=”QPKKQnijnsM”]

Jobs are disappearing from traditional industries that used to be foundational for high employment. Advancements in robotics and nanotechnology have led some futurists and others to postulate that all manufacturing will be under the control of less than a dozen corporate or family entities within the next 30 years. In addition to extinction of jobs that need human labor, this puts more wealth into the hands of the 1%.

I’m not an alarmist, but if a job/career and wealth are removed from the grasp of the vast majority, how will our definition of success adapt to changes that are already underway?