2 Critical Components to Success: Communication & Others

Effective Communication Skills for Success

effective communication skillsNo one is really in business by themselves,a think customers, employees, suppliers, etc. Successfully interacting with others is critical to success. That success relies on good, effective communication skills more than anything else.

Effective communication skills and the art of interpersonal relating are two areas that I, as a business coach, spend a great deal of time working with clients in. Developing great communication skills and improving interpersonal skills requires good self-observation skills and good communication between the coach and the client.

The latest issue of Inc. Magazine has some interesting statistics gathered from CEOs.

What is the biggest challenge facing CEOs today?

  • 50% Attracting and retaining skilled employees
  • 20% Staying focused
  • 18% Creating a culture of innovation

Where do your best ideas come from?

  • 28% Customers
  • 26% Myself
  • 16% Employees
  • 7% Business Partners

What is the biggest contributor to your company’s ability to innovate?

  • 41% Recruiting talent
  • 18% Asking employees what problems they need solved
  • 17% Creating an environment in which it is okay to fail

Looking at this information, it’s easy to see how critical good communication skills and interpersonal skills are needed in today’s high-pace business world.

The demand for communications skills is expanding across occupations, driven by the decentralization of traditional communications roles and the continuing adoption of data analytics, social media, and mobile technologies—according to a new workforce trend report by the nonprofit College for America at Southern New Hampshire University.

“Communications skills have always been valued, but these skills are becoming mission critical for an increasing number of professions as today’s communications become more complex,” said Melissa Goldberg, co-author and senior workforce strategist at College for America, in a news release. “The findings in this report have the potential to inform professionals who manage workforce development, recruitment, and succession planning policies; policymakers considering investments in workforce programs; and educators charged with curriculum development.” read full article »

Excellent speaking skills are the mark of leaders. They contribute contribute to how powerfully you connect with an audience, how quickly you engage with listeners, and how well you can keep their attention.

We are always presenting. When we write emails, make a casual comments, or pitch a product or service, we are conveying who we are. Every encounter is an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of our communication skills.

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