Monthly Archives: June 2014


Darlene is scared and horrified. Her husband of 15 years has become a problem drinker and is no longer honest. He says one thing and does another, which is a common personality trait when alcohol takes a controlling grip. Their young daughter is witnessing a very tough scene – one that nobody wants for their…

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Make a Plan

Be Flexible Mary was going to Manhattan for business and pleasure. The business went off as planned. The pleasure wasn’t quite so easy.   For starters, late luggage caused the day plans to cancel. Instead Mary made the best of an extended airport stay. By the time her luggage was spotted, it was half past…

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Making it up

Step by step  Bob expressed concern about enrolling folks in his multi-level essential oils marketing organization, for fear that his massage clients — to whom he offered the oils for use during massage — would perceive him to be greedy. Bob is a soft-spoken, compassionate man, committed to helping others achieve holistic health through preventative…

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