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coaching-nag humor

Laughing with the Coaching Nag

The value of nagging and humor in coaching Few of us like a nag, but a coaching nag can be a great asset if everyone has their humor hat on. The dictionary defines nag as – annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging. The word nag originated from the word gnaw…

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How Deep Should Change Go?

Spring Cleaning & New Paint or a New Home? When it comes to change, we can always ask – how deep do we want to go? Using the metaphor of a house to represent our life, habits, psyche, desires, etc. Do we just want a new coat of paint? Perhaps a deep Spring cleaning to…

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Dead-end Job = Dead-end Life

Make Your Career Part of Living Your Life Today, the average American changes careers seven times in their life – this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Quite a change from 50 to 60 years ago when most people were still looking for that 30-year job with benefits and good retirement. Finding the right…

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Leadership: Lead Thyself

Leaders: Know Thyself First and then Lead Thyself before expecting others to follow??? I assume everyone is familiar with the ancient Greek axiom – know thyself. Knowing thyself is critical for great leadership, but knowing thyself means going much deeper than our surface knowledge of ourselves. Knowing our triggers, our habits, our preferences, our attitudes,…

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