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Lawn Mowing Leadership Styles

Lawn Mowing Personality Tests & Character Types Many companies and HR departments use personality tests like Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram as part of their hiring process. Eight of the top 10 U.S. private employers now administer pre-hire tests in their job applications for some positions. These tests have, in effect, raised the bar for U.S.…

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Aunt-Bea improv

Improv: Life & Leadership

The most interesting parts of life are improvisation Something I hear a lot is: “I’m in a rut.” “I need to get out of my rut.” or something similar. The quest for certainty and security often involves a trade-off of excitement and the unknown for the repetitiveness of the known, but much of life includes…

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Moving Toward Goals

How you approach moving may bring insight into… A friend of mine is listing his house for sale today. He’s moving back to California after 5 years in Petoskey, MI. He says Petoskey is too small for him, too far off the beaten path and the gray skies of winter just a little too long.…

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Expectations, Attitude & Life

Life won’t wait for us to learn how to make lemonade! Recently, a friend asked me about my experience at a recent workshop. My response was – “Better than I thought, as good as I hoped.” Yesterday, I heard this line in a movie – “Not as good as I hoped for, but we’ll make…

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