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3 Questions for Better Leadership – Life

Consideration – The Road Less Traveled? Consideration – “reflect on, consider, study,” from Latin considerare “to look at closely, observe. Mom always said to think before you act. Taking the time to reflect on a situation or circumstances or the words or actions we feel compelled to take is a skill that will serve us well…

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Getting from Me to We

Studies show that ‘we’ is more fulfilling than ‘me.’ The field of psychology has given us much insight, understanding and wisdom about us human beings. From Freud’s ego theory and it’s orientation toward pleasure and away from pain, to fight or flight, to the subconsciousness’ influence or control over most decision making we know more…

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Bounce & Stretch Your Way to Success

Resiliency: From Set Back to Bounce Back  What do you get when you get what you don’t want? Experience – ha, ha… You can also get/develop something invaluable in helping you achieve your goals – resiliency. Resiliency: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Etymology of resiliency – 1620s, “act of rebounding,” from Latin resiliens,…

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