Monthly Archives: August 2015


The Link Between Engagement and Happiness

Happy leaders are engaged leaders Numerous studies on happiness report that relationships and altruism/helping others are two fundamental keys to a happy life. We are social animals. People who have good social, community and business networks are reported to be, in general, happier than loners and isolates. One of the leading causes of depression and…

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Failing to Succeed

Failure and Success can be two sides to the same coin Brene Brown’s new book Rising Strong expands her research on vulnerability to explore how failure can be the key to success. Brown analyzed data from more than 24,000 people in various professions and interviewed 2,000 others—from corporate executives to war veterans at West Point. She…

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Beware “Saturday Night Special” Coaching

Throw-away solutions offer little long-term coaching success We live in the age of over-promoted quick fixes. I refer to many of these as ‘Satruday night Specials.” The term Saturday night special refers to cheap hand guns that were often used once and then thrown away. A cheap quick fix rarely provides long-term benefit in business…

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