Monthly Archives: January 2016

Don’t text your way into failure, or worse

Texting could ruin your trip on the road to success I was driving down the freeway the other night in the left lane when a car passed approached me from behind. I moved over to the right behind a car that was going slightly slower than my cruise-control set speed. The car from behind passed…

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Fast Company, Fast Challenges, Fast Success

When it’s coming at you fast from all directions With today’s technology it’s possible to launch a company and be overwhelmed with customers, headaches, growth in a matter of months. What’s an entrepreneur with a fast company by the tail to do? The February issue of Fast Company is on the stands. This is the…

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Essential Focus for Success

What are the essentials for success in today’s world? 12 Essentials for Success, Competencies Employers Seek in College Graduates from Holden Leadership Center Working in a Diverse Environment Managing Time and Priorities Acquiring Knowledge Thinking Critically Communicating Effectively Solving Problems Contributing to a Team Navigating Across Boundaries Performing with Integrity Developing Professional Competencies Balancing Work and…

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