3 Impediments to Success

The sooner these clowns get out of the car, the smoother the ride to success

The road to goal achievement can be challenging enough without these three clowns dragging us down.

  1. Dynamic Inertia – We’ve all seen this clown zooming around the big top, going in circles, tooting his horn and getting nowhere. Shorten your ETA for goal achievement by taking stock of activities that siphon off time and energy without producing adequate ROI.
  2. Self-doubt – The inner critic or judge is nothing more than an inner terrorist. It damns us if we do and damns us if we don’t. This clown fans the flames of worry over what others will think of us which often results in massive self-sabotage.
  3. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – The Three Stooges of distraction keep us stuck in the muck avoiding clarity, responsibility and accountability.

We are the number one factor and influence in achieving our goals and success. Getting these clowns to quiet down so we can bring focus and real action to our process will help to optimize our efforts while reducing wasted energy and time.