About Face Leadership

Let’s talk about face and leadership

When leaders do an unexpected about-face, it can be disconcerting, disheartening and disastrous for the company and employees. Leaders who make a habit of pulling about-faces eventually become seen as undependable, lacking strong vision or, in some cases, being two-faced.

Good leadership and good leaders are multifaceted.

about-face-leadershipGood leaders face the future. They have a powerful vision and embody the vision. They are the face of the vision and help connect others with the energy and promise of the vision.

Good leaders face the present. They are aware of the state of the company, where the company stands in relationship to the vision and how connected the employees or team members are to vision.

Good leaders face inward. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and know how to work effectively with each. Good leaders aren’t afraid of being fallible, being human or not being perfect in the eyes of others.

Good leaders don’t ‘deface’ others. They build people up in real ways with real solutions and good advice, not with platitudes or BS.

In image-conscious cultures like ours, the face of a good leader is not a mask to hide behind, it’s the expression sincerity, integrity and the face of things to come.