Abundance versus Poverty Consciousness

Great leaders are aware of the abundance of talent and opportunity that surrounds them

Many things in life exist in contrast to each other – black & white; good & bad; male & female and deficiency & abundance. Much of our mental and emotional activity is engaged with the continuums of these polarities.

One of these polarities that affects many people in pursuit of happiness, financial success, health and even contentment is the polarity of Poverty Consciousness versus Abundance.

Many people may relate to the concept of poverty consciousness in regards to wealth or money, but poverty consciousness simply means that one’s world view is dominated more by a sense of deficiency or scarcity versus a view of abundance. For example, take opportunity. An abundant view sees opportunity everywhere for everyone while poverty consciousness sees opportunity as scarce and only for a few. “Only the rich get richer. It takes money to make money. It’s a matter of luck.” And so on.

Leaders with a worldview of abundance see the enormous potential of their employees, their markets and whatever resources they have. Leaders with a worldview of poverty consciousness only have ‘so much’ to to do ‘so much’ with. They scramble for market share in a world where there is only ‘so much’ to go around.

As Oprah points out, poverty consciousness is going to keep you in poverty and sabotage efforts to gain the abundance you desire. Exploring our deep beliefs around abundance and scarcity is one way to open our lives up to more energy, creativity, and engagement.

The negative application is called “hypnotic rhythm” because it has a hypnotic effect on everything that it contacts. We may see its effects, in one way or another, on everything that it contacts We may see its effects, in one way or another, on every human being. It is the sole means by which the “poverty consciousness” becomes fixed as a habit. – Napolean Hill