Darlene is scared and horrified. Her husband of 15 years has become a problem drinker and is no longer honest. He says one thing and does another, which is a common personality trait when alcohol takes a controlling grip.

Their young daughter is witnessing a very tough scene – one that nobody wants for their children. Even daddy, while abusing alcohol, doesn’t want this for his little girl. But so far, he hasn’t taken the necessary action to ensure she isn’t subjected to the consequences of his altered state. He knows, Darlene knows, and even their daughter knows, all he needs to do is STOP drinking. Such is life with problematic drinking. And for anyone thinking that nobody knows about your problem: you know, and they know. You wonder how?


Actions always tell the truth. Actions provide evidence. Actions are honest. Words, on the other hand, can be crafted any which way. Truth be told, words are cheap. They are easy.


Darlene has come to realize that the man she still loves can’t be trusted. His actions demonstrate drinking and drunkenness, irresponsibility, and an inability to think clearly or choose wisely. His choices not only have put the family at risk, in every sense of the word, but also have necessitated that Darlene pick up the pace with her anti-aging skin care business.


Doing what’s necessary to grow a business, while her family life is seemingly falling apart, is a tremendous challenge. Face it, growing a business in the best of times can be tricky. But under the pressure of possibly losing everything dear to her, Darlene has to dig deep within herself every day to find the discipline to focus on what she wants, rather than allowing her mind and emotion to be stuck in the problem.


She knows that the quickest way to solve her immediate problem is to generate revenue.


This applies to everyone: Do you need more money? Make sales. Need to hire employees? Make sales. Child care provider too expensive? Make sales. Sales lead to solutions. Sales lead to growth. And when sales are coming along nicely and you’re ready to expand, make more sales. Want to finance a lake home? Make sales.


You see the pattern! Sales are key.


“But sales are hard,” you might be thinking. Or, maybe you’re thinking, “Easy for you to say.” Or maybe it’s another excuse that’s running through your mind, such as, “You don’t understand…”


Everyone, please understand that circumstances are a fact of life. What we choose to do, in good times and in bad, reveals our true commitment. As Hall of Fame football coach Vince Lombardi so eloquently stated: “Winners never quit and quitters never win.”


What are you made of? Look at your actions over the last 30 to 60 days and you’ll find the truth about your commitments. If you’re committed to overcoming the circumstance in your life – that without a doubt are causing stress – you will take the action toward creating what you want. Regardless of life situations and circumstances, you can take charge by taking action toward the solution.


I have found in working with countless private clients on various breakthroughs, that when commitment to solutions is strong enough, people keep moving forward, regardless of life’s inevitable roadblocks.


Darlene is practicing the art of noticing, accepting, and choosing what’s best in her life, then taking action toward what’s best. She’s under intense pressure, and even so, she’s taking action that will keep her and her daughter safe, and is moving them forward to a better life situation. She’s creating her future now, with or without her husband. She’s making good, solid choices based on what she knows to be true. Is it easy? NO!


Nobody ever promised life would be easy, especially in tough times. But she’s not letting “hard” stop her. She’s doing what’s necessary to create what she wants and in the process, sales are also helping to rebuild her confidence, strength, and self-belief.


Are you doing what’s necessary to create what you want in your life?