An Opportunity to Be a Change Agent

“Bring Our Girls Home” is in the mainstream media, in large part because a west coast mother took an impassioned stand, learned about hashtags, and sent tweets to every person of influence she could. In short order, her plea grew exponentially. Awareness and acceptance that the situation is real and needs resolution is the first step toward making change. Taking a stand is the next.


Some 300 girls remain missing since their abduction from school in Chibok, Nigeria, on April 15. Since then, several more girls have been been kidnapped. An Islamist militant group, Boko Haram, claims responsibility. It’s been reported that they are acting out against Christianity and the education of girls. News sources have said it’s not clear what the Nigerian government is doing to rescue the kidnapped girls.


The “Bring Our Girls Home” campaign gives testament to the speed of digital and social media. Information in today’s world travels quickly. Sadly, however, movement to align values is obviously moving far more slowly. It’s appalling how some people are certain they are right, and others (who have differing beliefs) are wrong. So convinced are such radicals that they go to sickening extremes to try and prove their point.


There is no easy solution… Clearly, fighting for peace doesn’t work.

While horrific crime begets many questions, chaos reigns. Sadness and fear are rampant. Uncertainty prevails. In the wake of tragedy, again, we’re left wondering how to best move forward.