Art, Artists & the Art of Coaching

Life Coaching. Petoskey. I was in New York City a couple of weeks ago for the opening reception of Weather at the Ricco Maresca Gallery on West 20th Street. It was awesome to see the artwork of these amazing artists, including a friend of mine, Elizabeth Rogers. It was also exciting to experience the crowd of people. It was challenging to see the featured art, and yet, the art of people was fascinating too.

Art success Elizabeth RogersThere was a similar event in Petoskey a couple weeks ago at the Crooked Tree Art Center, during the Mackinac Island Painters opening reception. This show features various mediums and interpretative expressions of various artists inspired by the quaint and beautiful Island. The bright blue gallery walls add a brilliant sky-like quality to the show, whereby the gallery space itself becomes an invigorating aspect of the Mackinac show. It’s all very inspiring.

Kudos to the artists and dedicated behind the scene workers who joined to make these shows possible. Creating something from nothing requires Relationships, Community, Cooperation, Clarity, Dedication, Action. Really, if we’re creating lives for ourselves and communities, it’s all art. Life is art and art is life.

With that, what we think about, we bring about. What are you thinking about?

I believe we are all creative beings, with the capacity to make our lives into exactly what we want. Only caveat: We can’t do it alone. Talk about it! Enroll others. Take action. Consider getting a life coach if you want some focused support. Live like there’s no tomorrow!