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Tweet and die

Your Twitter account may be a death sentence A data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania says what you tweet may reflect your risk of heart disease! How many times have we heard; how many books tell us? ATTITUDE is life changing, MINDSET is crucial, WORLDVIEW matters! What we tweet speaks to who we are.…

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Smile High Club

Get FUNNY or DIE Your sense of humor may increase your life span, unless you are the jokester. This article lists many of the positive health benefits of humor. It also says one study shows that people who tell jokes tend to have more health problems. How strange is this? Laughing helps us live longer,…

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Wanna Get Happy? – get sad

Sadness does not negate happiness Many of us continue to suffer from our childhood intelligent ignorance – and the sad/happy split is a good example. As young children, our intelligence says – be happy, don’t be sad. Even our parents try to tip the scales in favor of happiness. Being street smart, we come up…

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Creating Happiness with Strength

Your Strengths are your key to happiness Living a happier life is something we would all love to achieve Solutions are a dime a dozen, but there are many scientific studies on the psychology of happiness. Happiness is subjective – one person’s happiness may be another person’s suffering. One thing most of us love is…

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Your Choice: Happiness or Creativity

Can happiness sideline creativity? Most of us want to be happy at work as well as in life. In fact many companies put a lot of time, thought and money into trying to make their employees happy, and thus, more loyal. But think about this: a lot of our creativity is geared toward overcoming obstacles…

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happy goals

Happiness is Goals Obtained

Get Happy, Achieve Your Goals It ain’t rocket science, it’s human science And when it comes to achieving your goals it’s easier than learning to play jacks. Goal Achievement in 8 Easy Steps Set goals that are easily obtained, but still stretch you a bit. It’s like stretching back muscles after 15 years as a…

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Happiness: What’s the big deal?

The Happiness Factor Seek Pleasure, Avoid Pain – according to Freud, we are instinctually hardwired to do so. In the Buddha’s Brain, Rick Hanson says that neuroscience shows that we are hardwired biologically toward the negative for survival – think – what’s wrong with this picture (what’s not right in my environment? Oh, that lion…

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Happiness? 7 Clues

7 ‘Get a Clue’ for Happiness We may read it. We may hear it. We might even see the video, but happiness seems to elude many of us. Perhaps happiness isn’t a static state. Maybe it’s dynamic like life – coming and going with the wind and rain and disaster and grace. Here are 7…

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