Beware “Saturday Night Special” Coaching

Throw-away solutions offer little long-term coaching success

We live in the age of over-promoted quick fixes. I refer to many of these as ‘Satruday night Specials.” The term Saturday night special refers to cheap hand guns that were often used once and then thrown away. A cheap quick fix rarely provides long-term benefit in business or career.

The quick fix is very appealing for busy lives and full schedules. Quick fixes seem to have risen in number with the increase of “experts” and niche specialization. Experts and niches have a lot to offer, but a quick fix for long-term, unconscious, habitual thinking and behavior is a pipe dream – a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe)  – Wikipedia.

Good coaching begins with in-depth CONSIDERATION and ACCEPTANCE of concrete reality – what’s really going on, AS APPOSED TO what we wish was going on. Getting an objective outsider to look at our situation; to understand our goals and dreams and to help identify our weaknesses and blind spots is more helpful in the long run than any Saturday night special.

Good coaching is very practical – as are good coaches. Good coaches don’t sell pipe dreams or Saturday night specials, they offer TIME HONORED PRINCIPLES THE WORK FOR CREATING solutions to specific obstacles and challenges and the long-term support necessary to effect real change in YOUR SITUATION the IN THE real world.