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Powerful Ideas to Inspire Your Ideal Picture


Celebrate your Dependence Today

No one lives, succeeds or survives in a vacuum Today is Independence Day in he United States. Independence is a cultural ideal in America. The lone hero, cowboy, cop, business magnate, etc. are part of our cultural psyche of “Go West” and succeed. Are any of us truly independent? Who of us would have survived…

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narrow-minded gossip

A Detox Duet for Your Road to Success

Healthy Habits, People & Decisions versus the Toxic Waltz A Pair of Toxins to Avoid for Healthy Business Gossip & Gossipers – Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your parrot to the town gossip. – Will Rogers       People who gossip about others will certainly gossip about…

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Patience: the Mother of All Virtues

Patience reveals all Patience is not simply the ability to wait – it’s how we behave while we’re waiting. – Joyce Meyer The art of patience is a lost art in these days of cell phone mania and soundbite reality. There is very little that can be learned or acquired in a New York minute.…

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Mayday, mayday, May Day

Don’t panic May Day is here! Mayday, the international distress call, originated in 1923 within the aviation industry. In 1948 it became the recognized international distress call for planes and ships. Mayday has to be repeated 3 times before any other details of the emergency are reported. May Day, the holiday, was a traditional Spring…

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Hey! Fever

It’s hay fever time and all I got to say is – HEY Fever! Do you remember the Doctor? I’m talking Dr. Johnny Fever at WKRP in Cincinnatti. The “Doctor” is a great talker to his radio audience when he is in a confident mood. He can jive with the best D.J.s of his era.…

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Tweet and die

Your Twitter account may be a death sentence A data scientist at the University of Pennsylvania says what you tweet may reflect your risk of heart disease! How many times have we heard; how many books tell us? ATTITUDE is life changing, MINDSET is crucial, WORLDVIEW matters! What we tweet speaks to who we are.…

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Smile High Club

Get FUNNY or DIE Your sense of humor may increase your life span, unless you are the jokester. This article lists many of the positive health benefits of humor. It also says one study shows that people who tell jokes tend to have more health problems. How strange is this? Laughing helps us live longer,…

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Wanna Get Happy? – get sad

Sadness does not negate happiness Many of us continue to suffer from our childhood intelligent ignorance – and the sad/happy split is a good example. As young children, our intelligence says – be happy, don’t be sad. Even our parents try to tip the scales in favor of happiness. Being street smart, we come up…

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