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Getting from Me to We

Studies show that ‘we’ is more fulfilling than ‘me.’ The field of psychology has given us much insight, understanding and wisdom about us human beings. From Freud’s ego theory and it’s orientation toward pleasure and away from pain, to fight or flight, to the subconsciousness’ influence or control over most decision making we know more…

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Dead-end Job = Dead-end Life

Make Your Career Part of Living Your Life Today, the average American changes careers seven times in their life – this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Quite a change from 50 to 60 years ago when most people were still looking for that 30-year job with benefits and good retirement. Finding the right…

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Focus on Passion & Relationships for Success

Former Oil Industry Exec Says Passion & Relationships are Critical for a Fulfilling Career V., an Iowa farm boy, received his undergraduate degree in engineering and was immediately drafted and sent to Vietnam as a Seabee in the U. S. Navy. Upon discharge from the Navy, V. decided to follow his passion for business and…

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Your Success/Career is What You Make It

Joy of Work – The Haves and Have Nots When it comes to happiness, joy, satisfaction, engagement or simply liking your work, career, job or business venture are you in the haves or have nots? It appears the glass is not half full or half empty. A Gallup poll in 2013 revealed only 13 percent of…

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