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The Dynamic Inertia Trap

The wheels on the bus go round and round… One of the common traps I see a lot of entrepreneurs and business people fall into is what I call the trap of ‘dynamic inertia.’ It has more common names: going in circles; running in place; going nowhere fast; etc. The trap of dynamic inertia can…

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half-asked life

The Half-Asked Life

Drilling Down with Questions Human beings are born curious – just sit next to any 3-year-old on a jet to Hawaii – Why? Why? Why? Those 3-year-olds – are they super smart or what? Rarely should we settle for the first, immediate and quite possibly easiest answer without a followup question. The important thing is…

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success leadership basics

Champion the Basics

The basics never go out of style or lose their effectiveness If you gather up all the books on leadership, success, accomplishing goals, learning guitar, meditating and whatever – a quick look will show that in almost everything, there are fundamental basics and then elaborations. Elaborations and permutations can always be traced back to basic…

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Bounce & Stretch Your Way to Success

Resiliency: From Set Back to Bounce Back  What do you get when you get what you don’t want? Experience – ha, ha… You can also get/develop something invaluable in helping you achieve your goals – resiliency. Resiliency: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Etymology of resiliency – 1620s, “act of rebounding,” from Latin resiliens,…

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Moving Toward Goals

How you approach moving may bring insight into… A friend of mine is listing his house for sale today. He’s moving back to California after 5 years in Petoskey, MI. He says Petoskey is too small for him, too far off the beaten path and the gray skies of winter just a little too long.…

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Expectations, Attitude & Life

Life won’t wait for us to learn how to make lemonade! Recently, a friend asked me about my experience at a recent workshop. My response was – “Better than I thought, as good as I hoped.” Yesterday, I heard this line in a movie – “Not as good as I hoped for, but we’ll make…

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coaching-nag humor

Laughing with the Coaching Nag

The value of nagging and humor in coaching Few of us like a nag, but a coaching nag can be a great asset if everyone has their humor hat on. The dictionary defines nag as – annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging. The word nag originated from the word gnaw…

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The Fallacy of DIY Coaching

Do-It-Yourself Coaching Fails to Score I recently read an article in a magazine titled – Be Your Own Life Coach. The article notes: “A 2013 study by Stanford University and The Miles Group shows that two-thirds of CEOs are not receiving coaching from sources outside their companies, and 100 percent of participants wish they were.”…

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