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Lawn Mowing Leadership Styles

Lawn Mowing Personality Tests & Character Types Many companies and HR departments use personality tests like Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram as part of their hiring process. Eight of the top 10 U.S. private employers now administer pre-hire tests in their job applications for some positions. These tests have, in effect, raised the bar for U.S.…

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Aunt-Bea improv

Improv: Life & Leadership

The most interesting parts of life are improvisation Something I hear a lot is: “I’m in a rut.” “I need to get out of my rut.” or something similar. The quest for certainty and security often involves a trade-off of excitement and the unknown for the repetitiveness of the known, but much of life includes…

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Leadership: Lead Thyself

Leaders: Know Thyself First and then Lead Thyself before expecting others to follow??? I assume everyone is familiar with the ancient Greek axiom – know thyself. Knowing thyself is critical for great leadership, but knowing thyself means going much deeper than our surface knowledge of ourselves. Knowing our triggers, our habits, our preferences, our attitudes,…

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Turkey Leaders in Petoskey MI

When it comes to leadership, what can you expect from a turkey? Clear, cool, rain, cold, ice snow – That’s how the day has progressed in Petoskey  MI from 7 am  to 10 am. The weather isn’t the only thing happening in Petoskey this morning, a friend of mine sent me these pics of a…

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Moving-Target Leadership

Is there a ‘BEST” in Leadership? Best Leadership Qualities, Best Leadership Practices… I’ve read the articles, you’ve read the articles and I’ve even written some of the articles. But, is there really a ‘best’ in leadership? The best qualities or attributes of leadership are often based upon the subjective values of the one defining them.…

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Leadership Lessons from the Grave

The Gift of Failure How would success and failure look from the grave? Would we still value the time we invested in financial success and fame? Would our failures still cause us angst or even still be considered failures. Will the definition of success remain the same or be seen as something entirely different from…

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Humility in High Places

Humble Leadership is in High Demand Humble – not proud or arrogant; modest Humility – the quality or condition of being humble; modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc. Humility is variously seen as the act or posture of lowering oneself in relation to others, or conversely, having a clear perspective and respect for…

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A Wednesday of Irony

Isn’t it ironic that failure can breed success? I woke up with irony on my mind and thought – why not? Irony comes from a Greek word meaning – simulated ignorance. This seems appropriate as irony is often Greek to me. Irony in Business and Leadership If attitude reflects leadership, and engagement is an outcome of…

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