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Powerful Ideas to Inspire Your Ideal Picture


Wisdom Interns Everywhere

A Wisdom Intern Can Help with Purpose… …direction and saving us a few bumps and bruises along the way. Did you see the movie The Intern with Robert De Niro and Ann Hathaway? 70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in…

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Coaching Lesson 138: April Showers bring May Flowers

Life Cycles, Cause & Effect and Attitude The proverb “March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers”, first recorded in 1886, or the shorter, trochaic version “April showers bring May flowers” (originally “Sweet April showers/Do spring May flowers”, part of a poem recorded in 1610. Wikipedia Much of life and business is cyclical and…

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2 Tips on Goals and April Fools

April fooling with goals Since April brings focus to the fool, I thought I would mention two points on goals and fools. But first some words on the ‘fool’. In the Tarot deck – The Fool’s Meaning The Fool is a very powerful card in the Tarot deck, usually representing a new beginning — and, consequently,…

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Easter Bunny’s 3 Tips for Success

Successful Living Guidelines from the Easter Bunny Today millions of children will be searching for Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Does this  mean the Easter Bunny is busier than Santa Claus? No matter. Being one of the busiest entities on Earth – yes, even busier than a politician striving to be President of the United…

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lent gossip pie

Lent Up Your Gossip

Atonement and Self-denial in support of change I was getting a fork in Whole Foods the other day to eat my salad when I met a woman warming up 3 small pies in the microwave. (Microwave at Whole Foods? Perhaps a future story.) I asked the woman if she had ice cream to go with…

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success 1% jobs wealth

2 Challenges to Success as We Know It

Sooner or later our concept of success will need to change. The Presidential election process in the United States gives one a lot to think about in defining success. Regardless of our political preference, two of the historical cornerstones often used to define success are quickly receding from the grasp of the majority. Wealth has…

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Booboos & Dings on the Road to Success

The road to success has its challenges and setbacks This week a friend of mine reported a nail in his brand new tire. Another friend reported discovering her right front fender and bumper had been mangled while parked – no note left by the offender. She had purchased the car two weeks earlier. Oh how…

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Does Your Networking need a Shot of Geritol?

You can’t build the business of tomorrow on the network of yesterday… For those who were around in the 1950’s – Geritol: “twice the iron in a pound of calf’s liver”. For those who weren’t – Geritol was promoted as a cure for “iron-poor tired blood”. Lethargic, tired, too pooped to pop? Get some Geritol to put…

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