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Powerful Ideas to Inspire Your Ideal Picture

The Road to Success

Facebook provided today’s blog post inspiration – The Road to Success Saw this pic on Facebook today and thought it a good example of how awareness and being present are key ingredients for success. Who is to say there are no shortcuts to success? For some it is overnight, for others a life-long journey. One…

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Turn on Your Success Love Light

Success – What’s Love Got to do with It? With Valentine’s Day only a few days away, I thought I would say a few words about love and success. Joseph Campbell provided us with one of the great insights on the relationship between success and love: If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a…

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When Goals are Out of Balance

Balanced goal setting for success [youtube id=”L0681g183tQ”] One out of balance wobbly wheel can be a nuisance and may lead to disaster. Two wobbly wheels out of alignment and we have real problems. Wobbly wheels and alignment – an apt metaphor for keeping our goals in balance and in alignment with reality. What happens if…

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Don’t text your way into failure, or worse

Texting could ruin your trip on the road to success I was driving down the freeway the other night in the left lane when a car passed approached me from behind. I moved over to the right behind a car that was going slightly slower than my cruise-control set speed. The car from behind passed…

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Fast Company, Fast Challenges, Fast Success

When it’s coming at you fast from all directions With today’s technology it’s possible to launch a company and be overwhelmed with customers, headaches, growth in a matter of months. What’s an entrepreneur with a fast company by the tail to do? The February issue of Fast Company is on the stands. This is the…

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Essential Focus for Success

What are the essentials for success in today’s world? 12 Essentials for Success, Competencies Employers Seek in College Graduates from Holden Leadership Center Working in a Diverse Environment Managing Time and Priorities Acquiring Knowledge Thinking Critically Communicating Effectively Solving Problems Contributing to a Team Navigating Across Boundaries Performing with Integrity Developing Professional Competencies Balancing Work and…

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Unexpected Consequences

Sometimes the choices we make have unexpected consequences. A spine to my films that’s become more evident to me is that many are about the choices people make, and the reverberations of those choices. You go this way, or that way, and either way, there’s going to be consequences.  – Spike Lee Mistakes are always forgivable,…

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Change and Peace on Earth

 Peace on Earth begins within… Peace on Earth gets a lot of press at this time of year. This year, we are also getting a double dose of war, conflict and hatred. Everyone wants ‘peace on earth’ their way, not, not the other’s way – and there is the rub – wanting others to change…

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