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Powerful Ideas to Inspire Your Ideal Picture

‘Tis the Season – Shop, Shop, Shop

Life – where the rubber meets the road! 2012 ICF Global Coaching Study Globally, there are 6.9 coaches per 1 million population. In the high income regions, the ratio of coaches per 1 million population is in excess of 40. Coaching in the U. S. is a $750 million industry Self-help Self-improvement represents a $10 billion…

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Thinking, thinking, thinking

Thinking can be the ‘spinning wheel of death’ Have you seen the TV ads for faster Internet connection where they mention the spinning wheel of death? The spinning wheel of death is the animated icon that goes round and round while the computer is waiting for download data. The faster your Internet connection, the less…

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Abundance versus Poverty Consciousness

Great leaders are aware of the abundance of talent and opportunity that surrounds them Many things in life exist in contrast to each other – black & white; good & bad; male & female and deficiency & abundance. Much of our mental and emotional activity is engaged with the continuums of these polarities. One of…

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Kindness for Leadership

Be Kind, Rewind Do you remember that sign at Bolckbuster Video? Do you remember Blockbuster video?! Kindness is simple, yet often overlooked or forgotten in our hectic lives – often in pursuit of the very goals that we hope will give us the life and space to be more kind. Beginning today, treat everyone you…

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meaningful job career

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life

Know what meaningful means to you Synonyms: significant, relevant, important, consequential, telling, material, valid, worthwhile I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life. – Corazon Aquino – Maria Corazon “Cory” Aquino y Cojuangco y Sumulong, a Filipino politician who served as the 11th President of the Philippines, was the first woman to…

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business-coaching lessons

12 Lessons of Coaching

What we know about coaching Coach – Meaning “instructor/trainer” is c.1830 Oxford University slang for a tutor who “carries” a student through an exam; athletic sense is 1861. The verb is from 1610s, “to convey in a coach;” meaning “to prepare (someone) for an exam” is from 1849. Once upon a time ‘coaching’ was pretty…

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success optimizing drive

Coaching – The Optimizing Drive

Optimizing Your Success Drive I ran across this in Success Magazine – Coaching is about helping people grow and produce better results. Coaching helps people identify the resources they already have within themselves and then marshal those resources to reach goals and rise to challenges. Note the powerful coaching concepts: helping people grow produce better…

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Time Management is Attention Management = Self-Investment

Why is time management worth considering? BIG BANG results in creation of time and space. 13.8 billion years ago according to the current cosmological model. 13,799,900 years later homo sapiens emerge on the planet. Another 99,700 years pass and Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin start promoting the benefits of time management. That’s a lot of passing time before…

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