Our story helps define us. Our story gives us reference points. Our story is unique. Everyone has a story. And, it’s important to realize, we are not our story. The story is something we piece together from what we remember of different events in our lives. No two people remember the exact same thing about an event, which makes “finding the truth” particularly challenging.

Overcoming hardship, climbing the corporate ladder, moving through where we are, to the next level of education, or athletic accomplishment involves a willingness to stretch and grow, to improve upon what was and what is. This is true too for simplifying life, scaling back, stepping down… It’s all possible through presence and practice.

If we’re not our story, then what are we? We’re creative beings, with the ability to think, feel, smell, see and hear… We’re free to choose what’s important. Herein lies the golden nugget. What’s important?

Engaging creatively, in something of interest, with a willingness to give and receive, and join with what is, while becoming what’s next, and unfolding, in each present moment is how and where we are what we are. The engagement with what is, is what takes us from the story to Being the creative and joyful energy masses that we are.

The process also becomes part of the story. Just like the events that,“happened to us.”

Want something different in life? Ask, “What’s important?” What do I want?” What am I passionate about?” Take action to create it. Commit yourself to a disciplined practice. Focus now. And notice your joy!

The story isn’t who you are but when you keep telling it, it has your focus and prevents you from creating anew.