Your Choice: Happiness or Creativity

Can happiness sideline creativity?

Most of us want to be happy at work as well as in life. In fact many companies put a lot of time, thought and money into trying to make their employees happy, and thus, more loyal.

But think about this: a lot of our creativity is geared toward overcoming obstacles and challenges. Not only in the workplace, but in our psyches as well. When we’re happy and satisfied, some say we are less creative – we’re happy to just hang out in the bliss of ‘no challenges’.

Food for thought – happiness is not on this list: There are 14 necessary components to the creative process, scientists say

What do you think, is it one or another – happiness or creativity – or is it possible to have both?

Of course, as the old saying goes – this,too, shall pass…

Or that other perspective on cycles of experience…