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Coaching – The Optimizing Drive

Optimizing Your Success Drive

I ran across this in Success Magazine

Coaching is about helping people grow and produce better results. Coaching helps people identify the resources they already have within themselves and then marshal those resources to reach goals and rise to challenges.

Note the powerful coaching concepts:

  • helping people grow
  • produce better results
  • identify existing resources
  • marshal resources to reach goals
  • rise to challenges

Coaching is about helping and expansion, about breaking new ground and fine tuning proven methods.

Note that it didn’t say ‘perfect’ results, but better results. Who sets the standard for perfect? The voice in our heads?

Coaching can help companies to change while improving corporate culture and empowering others. Think of the great benefit in retaining employees and creating leaders.

Coaching brings an ‘optimizing drive’ mindset to all involved. Great coaching leaves no one behind.