Don’t text your way into failure, or worse

Texting could ruin your trip on the road to success

I was driving down the freeway the other night in the left lane when a car passed approached me from behind. I moved over to the right behind a car that was going slightly slower than my cruise-control set speed. The car from behind passed me and then moved to the right in front of the car ahead of me. With the left lane cleared, I moved to the left and passed, clicked the button to put cruise control back on and then spent the next couple of miles beside the car that had just passed me.

That car then sped up by at least 10 mph faster than me, then it started drifting to the right and back again. This happened several times and once it came within inches of sideswiping a semi to it’s right. For the next 20 miles it sped up, slowed down and veered both right and left numerous times. As I passed it again, I could see the driver’s cell phone screen lit up. He/she had been texting all the while!

In 2013 there were 341,000 auto crashes that involved texting – 3,154 fatalities. National Safety Council Estimates that at Least 1.6 Million Crashes Each Year Involve Drivers Using Cell Phones and Texting.

So,what does this have to do with success. For starters, you can’t succeed if your dead.

But, this got me to thinking about distraction. Cell phone use while driving distracts our attention from what is happening around us. Our focus shifts from what’s happening outside in a world with many moving parts to inside to an internal reality disconnected from immediate external events. This raises the risk for veering off course into ‘who knows what.’

I see many examples of something similar with people on their road to success. Everything is on-track then they become distracted and – crash, boom, bang! Staying focused, not becoming lost in distraction is key to goal attainment and success. Don’t let texting (distraction) put your success in a wheelchair or on life support.

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