Double Down on Success with Waste Management

Employing Waste Management to Boost Success

Every week we drag those three cans to the curb for the garbage truck. There’s the landfill can for the garbage we want to be rid of. There’s the recycle can for the items that can be reused or repurposed. And there’s the green can for items that can be composted.

We might want to consider a waste management program for our thoughts and experiences as well.

There are those ideas and thoughts that just need to go – negative self-talk being at the top of the list along with those that have become sink-holes for time and energy. These need to go to the landfill. Out of our minds and lives. Goodbye, sayonara, adios, good riddance.

There are ideas and experience that have produced positive returns for us in minor and major ways but have served their original purpose. Many of these can be recycled or repurposed for bigger goals or other ventures.

Then there are those ideas and experience that have bloomed and completed their growth cycles, but they have an organic nature to them that gives them a compostable energy for our imaginative minds.

Think about it – when you drag those cans to the curb, take a few minutes to review your week and get rid of what holds you back, recycle what can be used again and send those organics to the compost pile to enhance the creative soil in the mind!