Employers Looking for Leaders with Soft Skills

Bark & Bite Leadership is Out as Companies Focus More on Collaboration and Teamwork

It’s time to lose the chip & whip for those who aspire to leadership greatness. Employers today are looking for leaders who have the business agility of an antelope and the gifts to build and inspire great teams. If you read between the lines in job postings these days you’ll see – Those who bark orders and bite off heads need not apply.

worst-bosses-best-leadershipTop 6 Leadership Skills Companies Look For

  1. Excellence of Communication – know the flow – communication needs to flow up, down and around.
  2. Real People for the Real World – who you are speaks louder than words.
  3. Jack be Nimble – it’s no longer a race between the tortoise and the hare, it’s the flexible versus the entrenched.
  4. It Takes a Village – the inclusive shall inherit the top floor.
  5. Tech-Synched Brains – ya gots to be able to envision the process of the process
  6. A Full Head of Team Steam – there’s no exaggeration on the importance of collaboration

You can learn a lot about what is NOT needed in today’s leaders by checking out Time’s Top 10 Worst Bosses.

Charlene Li: Giving up control: Leadership in the digital era:

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