End of First Quarter Goals Check In

Goal setting and goal achieving are distinct terms

Where are you today with your first quarter 2014 goals?

Suzanne lost her husband eight years ago, after 29 years of marriage, and just prior to a career change they had been working together toward for nearly a decade. Her sudden loss caused untold grief. Understandably so. She lost the love of her life, and she lost her desire to move forward with her dream career. Grief became her way of being.

After a few years, Suzanne talked about setting goals, but continually lost sight of them. Each new season, she would sense change in the air, and hope that she would and could internalize some of the energy and begin her journey back to being productive in the world. She was exhausted and depressed and spoke often of her woes.

Intensifying the situation, Suzanne had spent the entire sum of her husband’s life insurance policy, and now didn’t know how she would generate income enough to pay her monthly rent. She was concerned that her heat might be turned off.

Truth is, regardless of circumstances, where we are in life, is where we choose to be. We face challenge and courageously develop a plan to move forward, or by default we choose to fold. With change being constant, we either stretch and grow and stay in the game, or we shrink and wither with decline. Staying the same is not an option, as time marches on.

Suzanne is a Certified Public Accountant. Although she hadn’t worked in the field for a few years before her husband’s fatal accident, she knew she could return to work but she wasn’t motivated. She was stuck in a sea of inertia, distraught, and stern with self-ridicule.

Circumstances can be blatant like Suzanne’s, or subtle, like the temptation to watch TV when we need to prepare and file our income tax return. Circumstances will stop us cold without a committed eye on the prize and an action plan.

Faced with the bitter reality of no February heat in her Denver home and no money to buy food, Suzanne awoke to a new choice – to do something. By evening’s end, she had updated her resume, and electronically submitted it to a temp agency. In the morning, she was on the phone with them, that afternoon she was being interviewed, and three days later, was at work. Action changed her course.

What will it take for you to move forward? Subtle signals, like knowing you need to file taxes, or hard reality? What’s necessary for you to keep moving toward what you want?  Call me if you’d like to discuss your options.

There is something magical in taking action. It inspires and motivates, and leads to more. If you’re stuck, reach out and tap into resources. As Albert Einstein stated long ago, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” His wisdom is ageless; it holds true today.

We don’t know what we don’t know! Engage with others who can lead the way. Remember, where you are now is where you’ve chosen to be.