Expectations, Attitude & Life

Life won’t wait for us to learn how to make lemonade!

Recently, a friend asked me about my experience at a recent workshop. My response was – “Better than I thought, as good as I hoped.”

Yesterday, I heard this line in a movie – “Not as good as I hoped for, but we’ll make do.”

These two sentences cover a lot of life. Our expectations and attitude have a great impact on the quality of our life.

Over the weekend, I heard two stories that speak to this.

  1. A friend’s daughter came down with the flu during college finals. At the same time, her computer, which has all of her term papers and notes, went dead.
  2. Another friend, spent the day sealing his driveway and then went to the movie. When he returned, he found that his elderly father had gone out to take a look at the driveway and then tracked the black sealant all over the house – which is going on the market in a week!

Life! It has a way of throwing the unexpected and challenges at us. These events may seem trivial when compared to an earthquake in Nepal, but situations like these are part of the bread and butter of life.

The father in story 1 told his daughter – such is life, things like this happen all the time, what we can do is remain positive and work through the challenges.

The son in story 2 went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and got some super-duper cleaner and some Goo Gone which took care of the mess – telling his father stuff happens, there’s no sense in beating ourselves up over it.

quizzical lookMost of us have probably heard the saying – When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But life won’t wait for us to learn the recipe, it keeps on marching – and – learning to make lemonade might be another challenge on our learning curve.

In the end, perhaps life will be better than we thought and as good as we hoped.

The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations. – Eli Khamarov