It’s the darndest thing! People want to make change, but when confronted with the reality of it, their story often changes to objections and excuses. They say one thing, but do another. It’s the pattern of defeat.

This is the reason we need a coach.

What we know is familiar and more comfortable than the unknown. Humans are wired for comfort and what’s unknown is invariably outside the comfort zone. We often go out of our way, sometimes to extremes, to stay within the realm of familiarity. Often this is without conscious awareness.

This is the reason we need a coach.

Coaches help us look from different perspectives. They help us see new angles. This opens possibilities. Different choices become available. Seeing anew is intriguing. It’s energizing. And, it’s obligation free. Seeing from a new perspective isn’t like jumping from a perfectly good airplane. Seeing is an important part of believing. It’s integral in the process of becoming aware.

John, the man I met on the ski lift two weeks ago, has indicated he’s not ready to “jump in.” His mindset is typical. He’s demonstrating what humans are seemingly trained to do — the same thing over and over. Without intentionally interrupting the thinking pattern, he’ll stick with what he knows. It’s familiar. One day, when the snow has melted, John might realize he has nothing to lose by getting clear, but a lot to lose by staying confused.

To gain insight and clarity, coaching is invaluable. With clarity, plans can be made and action mapped for achieving success. No point in jumping off without a plan, but all the reason in the world to open yourself to new insight and clarity. The world opens up! Jump in!