Fast Company, Fast Challenges, Fast Success

When it’s coming at you fast from all directions

With today’s technology it’s possible to launch a company and be overwhelmed with customers, headaches, growth in a matter of months. What’s an entrepreneur with a fast company by the tail to do?

The February issue of Fast Company is on the stands. This is the 2016 Leadership Issue and it has some great quotes from entrepreneurs and business leaders.

  • fast business quotesDon’t be afraid to fail, but when you do, fail fast and laugh at yourself. – Michael Houston, CEO, Grey North America
  • As exciting as the digital age is, the most brilliant, fastest tech can’t bring what human connection can bring. – Jim Brett, President, West Elm
  • Learn. Know what you didn’t before. – Eileen Fisher, Founder, Eileen Fisher
  • There wasn’t a blueprint for my kind of career. When I made the transition into Hollywood, it scared a lot of people. – Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson

Fast Company is a great magazine for up and coming entrepreneurs. It focuses on people and companies that are setting trends and breaking new ground. Creativity and design are two prominent  factors in all of their articles.

Steve Jobs and the success of Apple helped to establish design, creativity and consumer usability as focal points for today’s consumer products.

These same foci can be applied to career and success.

Creativity – think outside the box and redesign the inside of the box for long-a lasting career and adaptive success.

Design – brand everything your personal touch. There’s only one you.

Usability – make your role simple and indispensable. Consumers want to use more and think less. Businesses want simple answers to complex questions. Refine everything to a point where the customer/client sees it, gets it and wants it!