Goals – Sticking to Your Guns

Master the Art of Achievement

Each New Year is ushered in with millions and millions of new goals. Many of these goals are not achieved, many are underachieved many are are simple fleeting thoughts with no more substance than hoping to hit lottery.

How does one develop the art of goal achievement?

To begin – empty the cup – If we think we already know how to achieve our goals, then we have already achieved them – right? If we have yet to achieve our goals, but still carry the belief that we only need to get serious, make a commitment, exert more willpower, etc., then there is a major disconnect in our reality which is, no doubt, causing some conflict or stress.

So, to begin – empty the cup and begin with a beginner’s mind.

goal-achievementSecondly, approach the process of reaching goals as an education – an education in goal achievement and an education in attaining specific goals (which translates to trial and error – a feedback loop for increasing skills and knowledge).

Thirdly, get in your kayak, grab your mountain climbing gear or gas up your dune buggy – in other words, approach the art of goal achievement as an adventure, not another hump day at the office.

Recognize that every choice-point in the process is an opportunity to personalize the process making it uniquely ours.

And what about frustration? Frustration simply means that the dynamic flow is impeded. Why? Explore instead of simply reacting in anger. Frustration is a big red finger pointing to – THERE IS SOMETHING TO LEARN HERE!

Achieving goals is an art and a skill. As the master says to the student – practice, practice, practice. No one ever got a black belt by simply reading a book.

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