A new venture goes hand in hand with fear and excitement. Gotta love moving forward! Moving forward is hand in hand with excitement! Fear, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with hiding my vision, and staying small. Hiding in my life has gone hand in hand with “I don’t know how.” Confusion is hand in hand with, for one, ADHD.

The good news, conversely, is that ADHD goes hand in hand with creativity, which corresponds with right brain thinking and ideas.

Ideas, when accompanied by action, go hand in hand with breakthrough. Breakthrough is hand in hand with me, right now, typing and blogging without kid gloves!

Edits on the “small” story have served well, through the years, hand in hand, inching my vision forward to this personal statement of truth:

Creativity leads and inspires. Horses carry, brilliantly teaching with great wisdom, to trust, “Being in the NOW Zone.” Coaching builds relationship through communication, shares tools for skill development and “Being in the Now Zone,” which is hand in hand with happiness.

Expanding perceptions, practices and influence, from then to now.

Through the edits, on my way to now, it’s been an absolute privilege and honor to study with renowned leaders, such as educator and painter, Jon Lockard; Maryal Barnett, dressage trainer and international dressage judge; Barbara Rector, founder and director of Adventures in Awareness, a trailblazing lead in the field of equine facilitated learning. And in the coaching arena, I’m grateful to have become certified through Source Point Training’s Barbara Fagan and Lou Dozier, and Marcia Wieder of Dream University. I was mentored by Ira Dressner, and coach certified through the International Coach Federation. Offering further leadership and inspiration was Suzanne Falter, with Get Known Now, and Dr. Robert Holden, author of the best selling book, Happiness Now.

It’s been an amazing journey. And somewhere in there, I landed! After completing nearly 26 years as a flight attendant for a major airline, I took an early retirement and I’m now ready for an exciting new departure.

Honestly, life’s revisions have landed me in a very sweet spot. Passion continues to fuel my desire to serve – coaching others to be their best. Now, hand in hand with clarity, I know it’s time to reach out and touch folks in cyberspace. My small (in light of cyberspace) word-of-mouth circle of influence has served others in reaching fulfillment, and that fills me with joy. Content in my new hometown, with coaching as my single occupation, this social media message serves as my launch pad.

I’m here for you, as coach and place keeper for your vision, to creatively partner in developing your vision into reality.