Happiness? 7 Clues

7 ‘Get a Clue’ for Happiness

We may read it. We may hear it. We might even see the video, but happiness seems to elude many of us. Perhaps happiness isn’t a static state. Maybe it’s dynamic like life – coming and going with the wind and rain and disaster and grace.

Here are 7 Clues to Upping the Happiness Factor

  1. The moment is all the life you have. Have you noticed all of your living is only in the now moment. The past is gone, the future a wish, dream, fantasy – life is now.
  2. Those who have a big bounce factor, bounce back quicker. Wisdom, empathy and humanness grown on both the way down and the way up.
  3. Bodies, minds and worries all need rest. Chill out, spool down, detox the thought loop.
  4. Nondoing is like Mr. Clean for the soul. It’s much more difficult than it sounds as most make it a doing.
  5. Spa days (for men and women) should be mandated in the Constitution
  6. Comfort zones are padded cells with nice air fresheners. Take a ‘real life’ stretching class.
  7. Opening one’s mouth to let kindness out saves more than trees and whales.