Is Your Office in Need of a Kitchen Makeover?

Remodeling an Office? Read a Kitchen Makeover Book

Leafing through a home design magazine recently, I came across an article on tips to keep in mind when remodeling a kitchen. In reading the article, I realized that the same points could be made for remodeling an office.

  1. functional office organizationFunctionality is the top priority in a kitchen. If the purpose of your office is to support career and success in a meaningful way, functionality has to be given top priority. If you have to leave your desk 20 times an hour to get something not at hand, perhaps you need to rearrange the furniture a bit.
  2. Organization is important in a kitchen, I want all the Tupperware together, not mixed with the pots and pans. Same in the office, I don’t want the rubber bands in with the paperclips or my computer cables stuffed in a shelf instead of in a drawer or container.
  3. Declutter – People with a mess of an office may tell you they know where everything is, but many a potential client may be thinking – slob – instead of sharp memory and mind.
  4. Personalize – Chances are you’ll be spending a great deal of your life in the office, make it personal. Don’t compartmentalize your life, bring in things that help make your office part of the whole of your life.