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Laughing with the Coaching Nag

The value of nagging and humor in coaching

Few of us like a nag, but a coaching nag can be a great asset if everyone has their humor hat on.

The dictionary defines nag as – annoy or irritate (a person) with persistent fault-finding or continuous urging. The word nag originated from the word gnaw in Scandinavia and Germany. So a nag is someone who keeps gnawing on us – sounds about right!

When I was learning to downhill ski, I had a skiing nag for a teacher. She would follow me down the hill and nag, nag, nag – lean forward, put your weight downhill, lean on that left edge, etc…nag,nag,nag. We had fun with my learning to ski and I loved her nagging and valued. The fun made it so much easier. Prior to the first lesson she told me she was going to nag me all the time and we laughed about it – which set the stage for nagging being a very powerful and effective training/coaching tool.

Of course, if the humor wasn’t there – if she was a stern and serious old crow, the nagging would have done little more than gnaw away at any exuberance and passion I had for learning to ski.

A great coaching nag can help to keep one focused – going against what our body and mind might think is the wrong thing to do – lean forward when racing down a ski slope for instance! Confronting resistance and procrastination are great areas for effective humorous nagging. Avoiding your sales calls? With the right nagging and laughs, you can learn to make trust based sales, leave the fear behind, and starting knocking your numbers out of the park.