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Coaching Effectiveness

David had recently opened his own massage therapy business in Petoskey, MI when we started working together. Like with all new clients, we discussed the importance of tracking numbers. Unlike most, David put the information to practice. In a three month span, this is what he has to say:

coaching-leadership-athletics“I want to express my gratitude for your guidance over the past three months. Our first meeting was held in the same week that I opened my own store front after working in other’s locations for three years. Since that first meeting I have experienced the following milestones: I have had my highest grossing single day. I have doubled my average client flow per week from when I opened. My monthly client volume during this “slow” time has been 75% of my previous “peak” volume. I have cut down my cycle time with new clients by 25%. I have increased my over all efficiency by 75%. I have the structure to obtain the home I want within three years, instead of 20 years, and the BELIEF that it will happen. Many people are over flowing with potential. You have offered me paths and destinations to utilize my potential. For that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you.”

David is a go getter. Are you? Do you want to be? Are you holding back, or a bit confused about how to achieve fast growth? Have you considered working with a coach, but aren’t sure what coaches do, or how one might help you? You’re not alone!

I’ve helped countless clients in states like Michigan, Texas, Colorado  and North Carolina achieve success beyond what they thought they could, or would have on their own. Truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know. If we knew how, we would be there already.

Coaching is hot. Is it right for you?

“According to a July 2011 American Management Association survey, almost half of participating companies use coaching to prepare individuals for a promotion or new role. While half of companies provide coaches to midlevel or senior staff only, 38% make them available to anyone. Coaching’s three most common uses, according to the AMA survey: leadership development, remedial performance improvement, and optimizing strong contributors. “A coach is like a personal trainer for business,” says Erika Andersen, author of Being Strategic and coach to many media executives.”

The article continues to report that another executive’s first coach was a bust, in part because their backgrounds and perspectives were too similar. However, when paired with a good fit, coaching has proved invaluable. This executive is now willing to lay out the drawbacks to an idea, even when he knows his CEO favors it. He’s restructured his department and set performance standards and timetables; when one person couldn’t meet them, he terminated the employee — something he says he would have delayed in the past. He added that his coach helped his career grow by leaps and bounds, as he developed into a more effective executive.