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Leadership Lessons from Forbes Magazine

Forbes Magazine has plenty of leadership advice

A quick Google of anything ‘leadership’ will most likely return several articles on leadership published by Forbes Magazine. Here are a few tidbits (to read the full article, just cut and paste  a complete sentence into a Google search).

  • cDoubt, while annoying and irritating, can be a leader’s best friend. When a leader hesitates, pausing to consider the assumptions as well as the options, she is doing what the organization needs. A thoughtful leader. Too much hesitation leads to organizational paralysis. Deliberate thought, together with counsel from trusted sources, is prudent.
  • The terms, leadership and management, of course are not entirely interchangeable. There are many distinctions drawn between the two, both functional (e.g., the manager administers what is; the leader innovates what will be) and cultural (Americans like to speak of leadership, Brits and other prefer management). One of the best-known is that managers focus on systems and structures while leaders focus on people. That particular distinction made good sense in the industrial era, when both managers and leaders were crucial, respectively, to organizing work and workers efficiently and to ensuring that the firm was effective, that is, competitive in the marketplace. However, in the 1990s, legendary management consultant and educator Peter Drucker recognized that such lines were increasingly blurring and less helpful in the information economy, in which the overriding task is to “make productive the specific strengths and knowledge of every individual.” Today, we might fairly extend Drucker’s insight to our own economy in which creativity is the new normal for businesses.
  • Leadership development is a key reason why executives go through coaching. A second key reason is to learn to develop their sense of presence.
  • In Leadership, When Does Your Hard-Earned Confidence Become A Weakness?
  • In today’s world of counterfeits and wannabes, it’s easy to be confused about a term like “leader.” Sometimes the title may be applied when it’s not really accurate. Some people may have authority to act, but they are not necessarily “leaders.”
  • It all went back to Bob Feller and his idea that what makes being a great leader so hard is that great leaders must put themselves in the shoes of people they would never be and then grasp the situation quickly.

Here’s a quick insight on creativity, also from a Forbes article:

  • When Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry goes downstairs to his state-of-the-art home recording studio, he gets dressed up in full rock star regalia. “If I don’t put on some rock & roll clothes before I go down there, I’m not as creative,” he told me. “I have to get my head in that place where I’m imagining I’m on stage and then I just kind of let it rip.”

I’m not pushing subscriptions to Forbes Magazine, but a little weekly/monthly reading on what interests you is highly recommend.