Leadership Perceived

What do we see that says ‘leader’ to us?

When we are in the audience or attending a team meeting, what are some of the elements that help us to accept and trust leadership?

Leadershipll traits elementsFirst is usually vision. We want our leaders to have a vision. In fact, we want them to have THE VISON. The vision that we can grok. The vision that we can embrace. The vision that we can get excited about.

For many of us, the vision may need to be communicated with more than words. Some of us process information better visually than auditory. Multimedia presentations help to get the vision across to more people with more pizzazz than simply talking. Of course, this doesn’t count for boring PowerPoint presentations – all words, data and endless bullet points.

We also like our leaders to be present and available. If they aren’t in the room with me, how can I be in the room with them? If leaders are locked away in their offices insulated behind gatekeepers, how can they keep the vision alive and energized amongst the troop?

One leadership behavior that always helps to energize the team is sharing the glory, giving recognition to the contributions of others.

These key leadership elements are best served organically – they are actually integrated into who the leader is and not just part of an affected role. Few things are as disheartening to employees and team members than a leader who is a leader in name or title only – you know – a legend in their own mind only.