Success Tip: Moving forward, from good to great!

I was talking to a friend in Petoskey, MI the other day about choices. As a life coach, I know choices are available in every decision. And I know that choosing — or not — hinders and or supports life performance.

coaching success tip

Searching for a spot-on life coaching URL has become an amusing challenge for this life coach. “Amusing” is the key word! More amusing is my propensity to keep the search going. Daily, of late, I have declined countless names that didn’t quite say what I want for my coaching website. It seems the names I want are taken and the names available aren’t ones I want. Reminds me of opening a fridge full of food, not seeing what I want to eat and thinking, there’s nothing to eat.

Regarding URLs, I actually have several. Just not the “right” one. Good news is, I’m moving on regardless – which is a choice we can make to keep moving toward success.

Moving on… maybe that URL is available! Nope!

Moving forward is key in life performance, whether you live in Petoskey, MI or Charlotte, NC and are URL shopping or searching for a great coach. 😎

Going from good to great, ordinary to extraordinary requires committed action. Allowing a URL name search to stop progress is one choice, but may be stifling. Searching, while continuing to move forward is a more progressive choice.

As the saying goes, there are many ways to cross a room. Keeping the ball in motion is another way to express the point. When we stop moving forward, inertia can make it tough to start again. As humans, we learn best through experience. Corrections can be made as we move along.