Making it up

Step by step 

Bob expressed concern about enrolling folks in his multi-level essential oils marketing organization, for fear that his massage clients — to whom he offered the oils for use during massage — would perceive him to be greedy. Bob is a soft-spoken, compassionate man, committed to helping others achieve holistic health through preventative massage.


In talking with Bob about helping others, I asked him what role the oils play in his work. He said the oils are pure and naturally support healing, and as such add another element of care and support to his hands-on work. His commitment to providing excellence in service was clear.


Since the oils are supplied from a multi-level marketing organization, I asked if he also talks with clients about the network. In an instant, Bob grew uncomfortable. He shared that although some people had joined the network, it was more accidental than deliberate. He said he didn’t “talk it up” because he didn’t want clients to believe he was “double dipping.”. In essence, he described an internal dilemma about money and perception that many entrepreneurs in the healing arts have faced.


What will others think?


I asked Bob to describe the healing benefits of the oils. The way he described the oils was entirely consistent with his beliefs about the benefits of massage and his reasons for being a massage therapist. With that, I asked him to consider a possible “withhold” of service by not inviting clients to learn about the oils and the network that allows members to buy at wholesale prices. Bob grew silent. As a coach, I knew his silence was an important step — it’s a sign of deep processing. When he broke the silence, he simply said, that makes sense. He said he would give it some additional thought.


This is the work of coaching. “Mindset” is often the result of unconscious beliefs. Taking a close look at what motivates decisions, helps increase conscious decision making, and decrease internal conflict, as well. Bob’s slight shift in perspective allowed him to consider the oils in terms of benefit to others, as opposed to fearing what others might think about him.


A week later, Bob spoke with increased confidence. He said he had taken the new perspective to heart, and had started to talk openly about the oils with massage clients, in service to helping them reach optimal holistic health. His heightened awareness was palatable! He shared that he totally “gets it” now and, as a result, several new clients had joined his team.



The key here is about “noticing” where your choices originate. Are they coming from a fear? If so, step back and consider what you value. In Bob’s case, he values providing outstanding service in support of helping others achieve optimal holistic health. What are your core values? Values based choices help to align your mind, body, spirit, and emotion and effectively decrease internal conflict and confusion. An appreciation of the importance of values can best serve everyone.


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