Mayday, mayday, May Day

Don’t panic May Day is here!

Mayday, the international distress call, originated in 1923 within the aviation industry. In 1948 it became the recognized international distress call for planes and ships. Mayday has to be repeated 3 times before any other details of the emergency are reported.

May Day, the holiday, was a traditional Spring festival in many European cultures that was also adopted by labor movements as an International Labor Worker’s day (which evolved into Labor Day in the United States and then moved to September).

Well – mayday, mayday, May Day. Spring is in full force and children everywhere are staring out classroom windows longing to be outside as are many of their parents. Roofers, gardeners and others who work outdoors are revved up for the next 6 months.

What are your plans for May Day? Take some time to stop and smell the roses and maybe a walk in the park or a little kayaking.

All work and no play is a waste of a perfectly good May Day.