Moving Forward, Through Resistance

What if confusion and the state of being overwhelmed were nothing more than resistance?

Remember the resistance in kids when it’s time for organizing a bedroom, or studying for exams for the first time? Resistance often produces procrastination.

Resistance is simply a component of stretching and growing, regardless of age.

Procrastination will hold you up all day long if you let it! Making matters worse, it often contributes to confusion and being overwhelmed. Here’s a simple hint: Completions help. Completions are the antithesis of resistance, procrastination, and confusion.

A new spin on this story inspired me to touch it again.

A wedding planner is moving into event planning at-large. She knows the ropes with weddings. She’s comfortable and successful in the wedding arena because she consistently took action toward her goals when she was getting started. She moved forward, even when she felt confused and overwhelmed.

How soon we forget the discomfort involved with growth!

Now that she’s growing her biz in another direction, she’s again feeling confused and overwhelmed. She’s thinking this state of confusion is somehow special, and has led her to make excuses and spend precious time spinning her proverbial wheels.


Another hint: Circumstances are a fact of life. We all have them. We continue living and moving forward with them, or we let them get the best of us by diverting our attention. When we spin out on circumstances, we’re making an excuse for not doing what we intended to accomplish. This interferes with meaningful progress.

When excuses are accepted and contemplated, they add to confusion and lead to more procrastination. Part of the challenge is to recognize when we’re making excuses. We’re inclined to be so close to our situation that our perspective gets distorted. This is exactly what’s happened with the wedding planner. She’s demonstrating resistance in action.

The way through resistance is to step forward! All the answers aren’t necessary to take the next step. In reality, next steps reveal new information and help clarify next best steps. In truth, next steps self-perpetuate and lead to success.

The wedding planner has experience with building a business, but she forgot her formula for success. She’s human, like the rest of us! No worries. To go from wedding to event planner, she’ll need to focus intently on what she wants. It’s literally true: what we think about, we bring about.

Do you want to move forward with a business idea? First, look at the end goal, then make an action plan that links to where you are now. The links represent steps that need to be completed. This maps your course. Your to take consistent action will land you where you want to be.