Moving Toward Goals

How you approach moving may bring insight into…

A friend of mine is listing his house for sale today. He’s moving back to California after 5 years in Petoskey, MI. He says Petoskey is too small for him, too far off the beaten path and the gray skies of winter just a little too long.

When he made up his mind to move (March 3), he didn’t waste any time in preparing for the move (planned for early June). He started going through his closets and drawers the first two weeks taking clothes and other items to Goodwill or the Gold Mine Resale shop which is an outreach of the Women’s Resource Council. By the end of March he was packing boxes and storing them in the garage so he wouldn’t have to haul them upstairs, downstairs and outside on moving day. He also ordered new countertops and kitchen flooring which takes about 4 weeks to get the materials and installation done.

As soon as the outdoor temperature hit 50 degrees, he started painting the exterior of the garage. With that done, he started on the inside painting. You get the picture. The countertops and flooring were in on Friday, carpets cleaned on Saturday and he listed his house today right on schedule.

While he didn’t have a written plan or an exact day to list the house, he knew he wanted it on the market by the second week in May. By doing a little everyday, he is now prepared for a quick sale and an easy move.

So it is with any goal, business or personal, we may have. A detailed plan is great, but many times, we just need a rough idea to be able to get in gear and start moving forward. Doing a little each day to keep things moving forward helps keep our energy and attitude focused and before long, the goal is no longer far away, but more in the foreground.

The great thing for him is that most of the time consuming work that will take it’s toll on moving day is done. He’ll be able to load up the truck in half a day and hit the road for California Fold Country. Of course, he won’t have plenty of water like we do in Petoskey, but he will certainly have more sun, warmer winters and a longer growing season – he is an avid gardner.

The great thing for the buyers – the garden is completely planted!

A few steps everyday and soon – you’re there – GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!