Our Coach is Our Second, Third and Fourth Set of Eyes

Good Coaches Help us Build Our Self-Observation Skills

The Exponential Challenge to Change

coach eyesImagine someone following us around for 24 hours videoing our every action. What do think it would be like for us to view that video? If we could turn off the self-judgment and look at it objectively, what might we learn? This is one of the ways a personal coach or business coach serves us – they observe us and help us to see ourselves more objectively. When we can see ourselves more objectively, the potential for meaningful change increases.

Imagine being able to watch a video of our conscious thoughts in that same 24-hour period. Our daily thoughts probably exceed our daily actions by a factor of some thousands. A good coach will help us to identify some of the recurring conscious thought patterns or self-talk or mindless head chatter that may be limiting our potential. By helping us to build awareness of these limiting thought patterns, a good coach helps us to build an inner strength that keeps us from acting out old behaviors that no longer serve us.

Now, imagine what goes on in the unconscious in that same 24-hour period of time. Who can even begin to imagine! The unconscious is driving many, if not most, of our conscious thoughts and behavior. While our coach may not be a trained psychologist, a good coach can help us identify some of our unconscious material and bring it to the light of day where we can begin to work with it in a productive way. We might think that the material in our unconscious is thousands of times larger than what’s in our conscious mind – that is correct to some degree, but the good news is that all of our unconscious material reduces itself to a mere handful of motivating forces. One of the biggest contributors is fear. Much of what we do or don’t do is fear based. This is another area where a good coach can really serve us.

By helping us to see where fear is lurking, a coach can help us to become more comfortable with the fear and help us to develop understanding and skillful means of working with it. The old adage – we have nothing to fear, but fear itself – is a powerful truth. When we no longer fear our fear, our capacity to work through things increases dramatically.

Good coaches help us to see into these three areas of our lives – actions, thoughts and unconscious motivations. Let me know if you can use a second, third and fourth set of eyes to help you move toward more of your potential.