The Power of Self-Reflection for Success

 Self-appraisal is Key for Success

self-reflection-coachingIn the recent edition of Scientific American, Stephen Fleming writing on the Power of Reflection, says, “Insight into our own thoughts, or metacognition is key to high achievement in all domains.” What is self reflection? It’s when you take time to think about and consider your character and actions.

This seems obvious, doesn’t it? How can we grow if we don’t develop the capacity for self-reflection? Would we even want to change or improve if we couldn’t self-reflect? Helping clients to increase their capacity for objective self-reflection is one of my skills. Much of this work is helping clients assess their habits, work ethic, time management, attitude and other key factors that influence job performance and productivity.

Self-appraisal requires skill. Our subjectivity is often entrenched in automatic thought habits and emotional responses. A coach helps to bring more objectivity into this skill building.

Research is showing that taking time to reflect on things before responding or taking action actually improves and empowers our memory and perception.

In today’s over-stimulated world of constant email, texting and multimedia input, reflection and self-reflection seem to be becoming a lost art. The art of reflection requires some quietude and space, one reason that many business organizations and even the U. S. Armed Forces are exploring meditation and mindfulness. This doesn’t mean that we should all rush out and join a meditation class, but it does point to the amount of data and research that supports the benefits of reflection and down time from the constant barrage of information and stimulus.

Our inventions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious things. They are but improved means to an unimproved end. – Henry David Thoreau

3 Reasons Why Self-Reflection is Important for Success

  • Discover New Perspectives about You and the World
  • Improve Decision Making & Responsiveness
  • More Optimal Performance

How often do we reflect on a situation, problem, interaction we’ve just had? How often do we take time and look at it from new angles without judgment and do some deeper thinking about it?

Coaching is a place where you get to do that. Give yourself the gift to pause all the ‘doing’ and take a bit of time to go to a place to ponder and reflect in an empowering way.

Kare Anderson, Forbes columnist, speaks on the Importance of Self-Reflection and 3 things we profoundly need to identify in today’s world.

  • Identify Specifically Your Core Talent
  • Identify Your Hot Buttons
  • Identify Your Blind Spots

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