Seize the Moment

Looks like the long winter may be winding down. But first, temperatures in the 50s early this week, plus months of deep snow, made a great blend for spring skiing.

With an early meeting Monday at Boyne Mountain Resort, I decided to take my ski gear and go for a few runs before heading back to the office. Good idea! Solid action! And, I certainly wasn’t alone! There were a bunch of us there, smiling while getting the week underway!

Exchanging pleasantries while riding up the six- pack, Girl in Purple on my right, not more than 12 years old, asked me what I do. I told her I’m a performance coach. Girl said, “Cool!” And nearly that quick we were at the top of the hill. This is Michigan, after all! Prepping to disembark the chair, the chairlift partners on my left spoke up. Man in Red says, “Really?”

At the critical moment, transferring weight from the chair, onto skis, ever so careful to avoid a multi- person pileup, Man in Red continues, “You help business people get direction?” And gratefully, without a single bump on either side, I assured him that I do. Then his buddy, Man in Black, said, “Really? What about helping me not work so much. Can you do that too, even though I love to work and want to keep working?”

“Yep,” was all it took. That fast!

I wished the Girl in Purple a great day as she skied off, while the businessmen and I skied a short distance away from the chairlift line of fire, and shared the gist of things. We traded contact info and skied off for few more runs before heading back to the office. Carpe Diem!

Thank you, Girl in Purple. Want to be my plant more often? You generated priceless change with your question. The business men are set to take on their “What’s Next.” and both are exploring helping others on a larger scale. Both are local business owners, lifelong residents, excited about the possibilities. Who would have guessed?!