Dressage show left me wondering

Beautiful Traverse City, the setting for  a dressage horse competition.

I enjoyed the musical freestyle horse competition at the annual Horse Shows on the Bay, in Traverse City, a week ago Saturday. I was silently rooting for a local Traverse City dressage horse and rider to win the most advanced class. They finished, instead, a close second.

As a professional performance coach (businesses, groups and individuals) and equestrian lover, I have often wondered — is it talent or money that’s most crucial to success? Honestly, I believe, it’s a lot of both! Without talent in both the horse and rider, they wouldn’t be there. And likewise, without a steady stream of funding, it wouldn’t happen.

Regardless of talent and/or money, my observation in working with clients from all walks of life is that commitment stands out as the overriding principle. Commitment shows up over time, as a result of action taken. To be top level in dressage, a rider must make practice a lifestyle. The same is true for actualizing any potential or opportunity, regardless of whether it’s professional or personal. Benchmark success always involves lifestyle and goes far beyond lip service.

The ribbons (or job title, pay raise, parking spot, or corner office with panoramic views) are lovely acknowledgments of an amazingly dedicated journey. Real and lasting rewards are deeply satisfying, and the ribbons are merely ceremonious. Dressage (as with other equine disciplines) is a labor of love.

As we pursue dreams and ambitions, my hope is that we all journey with the utmost love for what we’re doing. Without that all-out level of play, at best, the results are shallow and hollow. As the American mythologist, Joseph Campbell, said, “Follow your bliss.” And this is often equated with, “do what you love and money will follow.”

Horse and rider relationships are fabled for good reason. They involve true connection. Taking home the trophy from a top-tier dressage competition involves a horse and rider functioning as “one.” The connection is incredibly intimate, subtle, and communicative.

As a performance coach, I help clients establish that type of full out love and relationship with their goals and dreams. Coaching is a doorway to success and achievement, and can be deeply satisfying. Taking “ownership” of one’s journey, talents, challenges and dreams involve a passionate drive for actualizing potential and possibility.

Let’s talk about steps to success. Jump in! Take action! YOUR dreams can come true.

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